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Tumblr! Is Now Our Humble Abode!

Tumblr! Is Now Our Humble Abode!

Hello Everyone! I want to thank everyone who has helped Strong Truths! WordPress was a great platform to start! However, in order for me as the Editor of Strong Truths to be able to communicate with all of my contributors, gain new ones and new fans a change was needed. Strong Truths is now on … Continue reading

Messages from Executive Editor:

  • Just printed and edited Gary Parker, artist and poet! Let’s celebrate: Inner Will Every step feels like death but you've never felt more alive. grinding your soul for its will to survive. If you would like to see a sneak peek of Gary’s work please visit our website. If you would like to follow our step by step creation please stay with us here or visit us at twitter.com/strongtruths.
  • Just printed Emily King’s work! Let’s celebrate: "I am full of colors and darkness. I am light and flowing  and deep and still. I am a dream and a nightmare and a fantasy." From "Catch Me If You Can " - If you would like to follow our step by step creation please stay with us here or visit us at twitter.com/strongtruths.

Welcome to the Strong Truths Community. Strong Truths is dedicated to the promotion of creative arts, collaborating with young writers and artists under 29, we have the goal to change the idea of 'youth' through the combination of visual and written arts.

We shed light on the strong truths of life, what we see through our eyes. What are the truths of all of us, all that cannot be said, who are we really? I believe the unknown is the art, and I think it's beautiful. We may be young but we have a depth yet to be discovered. When it comes to art and it comes to us incredible and brilliant youths, the possibilities are limitless.

The Strong Truths website will become a place where young poets and artists can show their work, collaborate with others to create incredible work. The goal is to publish books throughout the year of our works and eventually branch out to other products.

Please view the Join page to learn more about being a contributor!

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