You have galaxies inside your head. Stop letting people tell you, you cannot shine. – Cudah

We are an independent publishing company dedicated to creating a diverse platform to promote the substantially of young writers. Not only are our authors of a specific age but they are people who are driven to discuss anarchistic themes which may not quite be socially acceptable. This is a place where your voice can be heard. So speak up.


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We are a publishing company built on diversity – dedicated to creating a platform to amplify the truths and promote the substantiality of writers. Not only are our authors of a specific age but the topics extend to a mature audience discussing anarchistic themes that may not quite be socially acceptable.

Many of us are silenced because of how we think, our age, gender, sexuality, health, ethnicity or social status. Here is where we create books supporting the truths of the real world; our lives taken straight from the source, beyond the world of borders.

Our purpose is to shine light on diverse and undiscovered talent creating a space for not only new writers, but writers that may write a little different than most.

We search for written works with a strong voice, not the ‘best voice’ but a true voice. We search for writers who create stories and write poetry based on voices, worlds and characters we struggle to find or cannot find in books. It is important to open our eyes to a world of people who do not have this – who have not found their world and cannot find characters in books which reflect them. When we find characters like ourselves we feel less alone.

It is here  where you can tell your story without limitations. This is where your voice can be heard. So speak up.


So you want to publish with Strong Truths? That’s great, we’re looking for fresh, unique–undiscovered writers and artists. Even if you’re new and have never thought of publishing until now or even previously published with Strong Truths! We are open to almost anything, don’t be afraid to surprise us!

  • Fiction & non-fiction
  • Short Stories & Poetry (non-fiction & fiction)
  • Comics & Graphic Novels
  • Manga stories and artwork. If you are looking for someone to write the story, let’s work together to find the perfect writer.
  • We also accept collaborative writing (pieces written by multiple authors)


We will also be publishing anthologies. We know how it is to be a new writer or to only have a small collection or a selection of work we feel are worth of publishing.

Submit 18+  Submit 13-35

What’s New

Blog For Us

Do you have writing, publishing or a life experience you’d like to share with us?

We are looking for unique writers to join us and fill our blog with stories we can relate to, learn from or tips to help grow as writers and artists.

400-1000 words is a good length. Always cite facts with a book or link to where it came from. Good titles matter! We will try to assist you in editing however, be creative! 

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Our Divisons


Cuvier Studios

Our film studio focused on creating diverse film and television and dedicated to honest portrayal of the under represented. Such as women, LGBT, people of color, chronically ill or disabled.

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Strong Truths

We are an independent publishing company dedicated to artists and writers between the ages of 13-35, joining multiple artistic creates to create collaborative artistic literature books.

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Strong Truths Press

Our main publishing site built on diversity as well as the discussion and publication of stories focusing on anarchistic themes which may not be socially acceptable. We accept submissions all year round from around the globe.